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Tropical Island Paradise
Water Island

Is it time for a break from the routine and make a getaway to a tropical island paradise? Well, only several hours of flight time from the United States will get you to Water Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Most of us work hard everyday to provide for our families and hopefully, a secure future. The daily routine can become oppressive even though we are working for the people we love. Second homes are a luxury. With limited resources and time, taking a risk in a vacation or second home is just not at all realistic. So, lets look at Water Island and see why it is your no risk vacation spot and a sure bet for a second home.

Water Island is a 500 acre residential island located in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. A 9 minute ferry ride from St Thomas brings you to Phillips Landing on Water Island. There are no stores and no shopping malls. Just residential and rental houses, and narrow roads traveled primarily by golf carts. And a great beach, Honeymoon Beach.

So if you are looking for a laid back vacation or second home location, Water Island is for you. If you are looking for nighttime entertainment, lots of restaurant choices, big shopping areas, and the trappings of an all inclusive resort, then Water Island is not for you. Still interested?

Temperature. A striking feature of Water Island is the small variation in average temperature from the coolest to the warmest months. In the summer, temperatures range about 6 degrees from the high of 87 degrees during the day to 78 degrees at night. Relatively few days have temperatures over 90 degrees. In the winter months, the daily temperature is in the low 80's and in the low 70's at night. Typically, August is the hottest month with February the coolest. Just perfect temperature.

Wind. Water Island is a tropical, generally hilly island that lies directly in the path of the easterly winds throughout the year. Winds at night are lighter than during the day. At daybreak, winds gradually increase until late afternoon. Most always (about 94% of the time) the wind speed is under 18 mph. Just enough wind to cool you off!

Rainfall. Brief showers are the common form of rain on Water Island. The driest month is February and the wettest period is September thru November. With limited rainfall, residents are very careful to collect as much rain water as possible in underground cisterns. A cistern is typically a concrete vault under house where rainwater is collected and then pumped into the house for use.

Local eateries. Heidi's Honeymoon Grill and the Dinghy Dock operate daily at Honeymoon Beach. Both serve lunch daily. The Dinghy Dock serve dinner every day in high season and Heidi's serves Saturday nights. The menus at both eateries are varied, substantial and of the highest quality.

Rental houses. You have many choices from high end houses to small cottages. Rents range from between $1500 per week on up depending on the house and amenities.

Honeymoon Beach. This is the crown jewel of Water Island and the island gathering place. Almost all residents and renters come to the beach nearly everyday to sit in the sun, have a drink and get a bite to eat. Getting to the beach is no more than at 5 minute ride in the golf cart from your house.

Real Estate. Chuck Gidley, a full service broker lives and owns on Water Island can help you discover properties for sale and the market conditions on island.

Life is slower here. People are friendly here.

Come see Water Island. You will be making reservations for next year before you leave and looking seriously to buy a home on island.



Featured Properties

Rum Point Water Island
Whispering Pines

2BR/2BA house with 1BR/1BA apartment under. Pool and hot tub. Recently totally renovated. Waterfront flat lot (on cliff)=1.172 acres. Fully furnished. Move in condition.

Move right in!

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Exciting News!!

The Water Island Development, LLC has plans to bring to Water Island a world-class resort and hotel that appeals to the new breed of discriminating world traveler, eco-sensitive, intellectually curious, seeking something special.

Stay tuned for more information!

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