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Water Island
Frequently Asked Questions

Power is provided through an underwater line that comes from the St Thomas Water and Power Authority (WAPA).  Power is moved to houses by above ground power lines.  Cost for a typical 2BR house is about $250 per month.  Generally, we experience power outages about once every two months for 3-4 hours.  Most all homes have a generator available for those outage times.

There is no potable water line to Water Island from WAPA.  Water is collected from the house roof and stored in concrete vaults (called cistern) generally located under each house.  Some houses use external fiberglass tanks.  The water is then pumped to the sinks, showers, and toilets as needed.  Some houses have in line whole house filters (cartridge  or ultraviolet) and single filters are each faucet.  Generally, owners treat the cistern water with Chlorine each month (3 ounces per 1000 gal in the cistern).

There are several internet providers on St Thomas.  A small antenna is installed on the house providing wireless connection to towers on St Thomas.  Service can also be provided by a satellite dish installed on the house.  Cost is about $60 per month.

cell phoneCell Phones: 
Cell phone service works well on Water Island except in a small number of areas where the line of sight to the towers on St Thomas is disrupted.  Experience has shown that AT+T and Sprint provide the best service.  Cost varies by plan but a basic two phone plan will cost about $80 per month.

phoneLand Line Phones: 
Service is provided by underwater line from St Thomas and moved to house along the power poles.  Cost is about $30 per month excluding long distance service.

TVCable TV:
Service is provided by DISH network or several other wireless providers on St Thomas. Cost will be about $60 per month.

property taxProperty Taxes:
VI property taxes run about $2500 for a 2BR house on 1 acre. Keep in mind that tax rates vary based upon location, age and condition of house, etc.

taxesFederal Income Tax:
If you are a VI resident, you pay income tax to the Government of the Virgin Islands using the same forms, procedures and rates used in the US. If you are not a VI resident, you file in the US as you have previously done.

mailU.S. Mail:
The U.S. Mail is delivered to postal boxes located at the ferry dock Monday through Saturday at about 10:30 am. Each resident has a postal box.

insuranceHomeowners Insurance:
Several companies on St Thomas offer insurance as does AARP. It is important to include hurricane and earthquake coverage in your policy. You can count on spending at least $4000 for a smallish 2BR house. Rates depend on type construction, age and many other factors.

hurricaneHurricane Event:
Most homes have a concrete room under the house. Prepared in advance as a hurricane hole, owners ride out the storm in the room or close up the house and fly back to the states. Hurricane shutters on each window and door are critical. Preparation in advance is key. Stock up on water, canned goods, fuel for the generator, and other "survival" type supplies to cover you for a period of at least 1-2 weeks. Your neighbors can give you many ideas based upon riding out previous storms.

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golf cartVehicles:
Most residents use golf carts, but cars and trucks are allowed on island. Currently, vehicles which remain exclusively on Water Island are not required to be registered in the VI. If you take your vehicle to St Thomas, it must be officially registered, inspected and insured. We recommend that all vehicles on Water Island have at least liability insurance coverage. To try to preserve the way of life on Water Island, golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation.

golf cartDriving:
Drive on the left. No underage drivers and NO driving under the influence.

golf cart Golf Carts:

There are several reliable sources of carts in Puerto Rico and the US. Ask around and you can get the info you need.

golf cartVehicle Fuel:
The first Saturday of each month a fuel truck arrives on island. Residents take their vehicles and gas cans to the truck and fuel up for the month. Remember, you can use a golf cart for a month and not use much more than 5 gallons of gas.

golf cartVehicle Repair:
A Water Island resident is the on island mechanic. They can work on cars, trucks and golf carts.

trashHousehold Trash:
Residents take it to the Solid Waste Transfer Station located on the way to the Deepwater Dock. The VI Government empties the bins weekly. White goods and other large items may also be taken to the site. However, construction debris may not be taken to the site. Construction debris must be hauled in bins (paid for by the resident) to St Thomas landfill.

ferryPassenger Ferry To & From St Thomas:
Owned by a Water Islander, the ferry runs from about 6:30 am until 6:10 pm. Night runs can be scheduled. Cost is $5 each way but you can buy a weekly or monthly pass which reduces the price.

bargeBarge Service:
Another Water Island resident owns a barge that runs between Water Island and St Thomas. Cars, trucks, etc can be moved on the barge. Cement trucks and other construction items can also be moved.

EMSMedical Emergency:
Call the Water Island Search and Rescue (WISAR) who will stabilize the patient and transport to the ER on St Thomas. Ask a resident for the telephone number. WISAR is a volunteer organization always looking for new members.

EMSFire Emergency:
Again call WISAR who will respond with volunteers until professional fire fighters arrive from St Thomas.

There are many very good doctors on St Thomas. Ask your neighbors for the ones they use and recommend. Same for dentists.

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Heidi's Honeymoon Grill. Breakfast is served at the ferry dock from 6:45 8:15 am Tuesday through Friday. Lunch is served at Honeymoon Beach every day from 11:00 am until about 3:00pm. In high season (Nov-May), Heidi serves a very fine dinner on Saturday night at Honeymoon Beach from 6:00 9:00 pm. Heidi also caters private dinners, weddings, and cocktail parties. Go to to find out more.

WICAWater Island Civic Association:
WICA is a voluntary association of residents whose mission is to foster positive relationships with the VI Government and to endeavor to get the services required as property taxpayers. WICA serves a very important service representing an island community separated by water from St Thomas. Go to to learn more about the Water Island Civic Association

houseProperty Management:
There are two licensed property management firms run by Water Islanders. Houseworks Property Management and Sandcastle Propertty Management at

shoppingGrocery Shopping:
Gourmet Gallery located in Crown Bay Marina, has a very extensive selection but can be very expensive.
Pueblo is a 5 minute walk from Crown Bay Marina and is a regular grocery store with less selection than you would see in a stateside store.
Plaza Extra is located in the Tutu area of St Thomas and has a large selection of items in sizes less than a big box store.
Cost U Less and Price Smart are big box warehouse grocery stores also located in the Tutu area of St Thomas.

shoppingHardware Store:
Home Depot is located in the Tutu area next to Cost U Less. Sea Chest is a smaller store located within walking distance of Crown Bay Marina.

shoppingDepartment Store:
Kmart is located in the Tutu area close to Plaza Extra. There is also a smaller Kmart located near the St Thomas hospital.

shoppingOther Retail Shopping:
Radio Shack, NAPA Auto, and many other specialty stores are located on St Thomas.

constructionBuilding Permits:
You will need to get a Building Permit and a Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Permit from the VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources. Info is available on their web site,

Currently, there is one very good home builder working on Water Island. There are also several on St Thomas that have experience working on island. There are also Water Islanders that can do repairs of all kinds.

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